True Turn-key

Civic Construction gives full service assistance to its owners throughout various stages of any development. Our team of in-house professional staff along with our consultants provide a full service true turn-key operation for any development type, during and through the site selection, planning, legal and zoning entitlements, design, design development, marketing, financing, permitting, construction, sales and stabilization.

Co – Developers

Civic Construction’s vast experience in the industry has allowed us the opportunity to participate and partner up on many of our projects as part of the development and ownership team. Civic Construction always welcomes the opportunities of evaluating and becoming an integral part of any development by teaming up and co-developing with the ownership.


Civic Construction strives to assist and guide our clients in making the proper decisions during the initial stages of the project. This type of early involvement is critical to the efficient and successful completion of the project. Civic Construction establishes and maintains open communication with the client, the design team and its subcontractors.

Construction Manager

Civic Construction’s philosophy in construction management is very simple “hands on approach”. Communicate with the project team, address issues immediately and don’t sacrifice the quality, design or integrity of the project. Civic Construction believes that acting as a partner of the client and “always” protecting the interest of the client, will result in a straightforward approach and solutions to any issues that may arise, no matter how complex.

General Contracting

Civic Construction is the ultimate responsible party for all our jobs, through our hands on approach, strict coordination, amicable no nonsense relationships with all of our subcontractors. Civic Construction guarantees the quality and on time delivery or our project “on time” and “budget”.